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Loved at Last Dog Rescue

Welcome! We are a registered non-profit organization based in Vancouver, BC and our mission is to assist local dogs in need of a new home and to rescue international dogs from high-kill shelters or deadly situations. Most of the homes we find for our rescues are located in the British Columbia and Washington state areas.

Loved at Last would like to say thank you to all of our volunteers, adopters, and rescuers for helping us find homes for 219 dogs (and 2 cats) during 2018. 


The success of our organization is rooted in our dedicated group of volunteers both local and abroad. We have partnered with like-minded individuals in countries including but not limited to the Middle East, Bahrain, India, Turkey, Mexico and Vietnam to help change the lives of some of the world’s most in-need animals. As we do not have a physical location, we depend on the support of the local community in the form of foster homes and potential adopters.

According to the World Health Organization, there are more than 200 million stray dogs worldwide (as of 2017). The lives of these street dogs is particularly short and difficult in countries with limited resources dedicated to animal welfare. This is where we come in. 

Our partners abroad work tirelessly to take in stray dogs who are most in need of medical care. They (and you) are their best chance for survival. Generally, the process begins with the dogs being rescued off of the streets, restored to health and rehabilitated by these compassionate individuals. During and after this process is when they reach out to us to help finish the job by finding loving homes.

The Process

The first step is always to provide the dogs with life-saving treatment for the relevant illnesses and injuries. After this process is done, preventative measures in the place of vaccines and spaying/neutering are enacted. All dogs, except those from Mexico, arrive microchipped. In the case of non-microchipped dogs from Mexico, a chip can be provided to the adopter for their vet to insert.

When they are ready to travel and a foster/adoptive home has been found for them, rescues are flown to Vancouver to start their new and much improved lives.

Unless noted otherwise, our rescue dogs are not in BC and still need to be transported here. If you would like to adopt a locally-located dog instead, look for the word ‘Local’ beside their name. Dogs listed as ‘Local’ have arrived and can be homed as soon as your application has been approved. Please check our FAQs and adoption fees pages for more information.