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We are a local non profit Dog Rescue that rescue tortured, stray dogs from Iran and other third world countries. 

Check out "Meet the Dogs" and apply to foster or foster-to-adopt.

Most of these dogs live short, difficult lives, each new day a challenge to find enough food to stay alive while trying to avoid people intent on torturing or killing them. The lucky ones are rescued, restored to health and rehabilitated by compassionate individuals who then reach out to rescues in Canada for help finding them loving homes.


All of the dogs are treated for any injuries and illnesses, are spayed or neutered and vaccinated. Many of them will have a missing limb that had to be amputated to save their lives. When they are ready to travel and a foster or adoptive home has been found for them, they are flown to Vancouver, BC to start their new and much improved lives.

Fostering or adopting a rescued street dog is one of the most rewarding things you will ever do. They have experienced the worst of human cruelty yet are still trusting and loving of people. These gentle, innocent souls are so appreciative of every kindness. 

Please consider fostering or fostering-to-adopt one of these beautiful dogs so they will know how it feels to be loved at last.