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Welcoming a rescue dog into your family can be an extremely rewarding experience. It is wonderful that you are reading this and considering adopting a rescue dog.

Loved at Last does not have a physical shelter. All our rescue dogs are either currently in the care of a local foster home or, if they are still waiting for a flight companion to transport to Vancouver, they are in a shelter or foster home overseas. Refer to the Foster-to-Adopt program. All international dogs are in the foster-to-adopt program. We do not finalize any adoption until the dog and owner have met in person.  


SPAY/NEUTER - All dogs MUST be spayed/neutered. LALDR will make every effort possible to ensure that this is done prior to adoption. When this isn’t possible, adopters can either take the pup to one of our vets or LALDR will pay $150 of the costs at a vet of their choosing. Confirmation that this has been done is mandatory.


VACCINATIONS - Dogs are vaccinated for rabies, parvo, distemper and leptospirosis. They are not given Bordetella as that hasn't been a problem in Iran. 


BREEDS - The breeds assigned to most dogs are educated guesses. While we encourage you to do as much research as you can about the breed (if known) prior to applying. It is with the understanding that our volunteers often guess at the breed. For this reason, it is recommended to not restrict your search for a specific type of dog, nor to put too much into what breed is identified for a dog. If Teddy looks like a Bichon, do not assume that she is a one and that she won't bark lots. She could be any type of small dog. So keep in mind that the identified breed could be something different and don't fall in love with an assumption.


TRAITS - Read the bio carefully. If a profile says that the dog does not like cats/children, please do not apply for this dog if you have cats or children. Applications that do not match the profile requirements will likely not be processed.

YARDS - Not all homes need a fenced yard, however, if a yard is partially fenced, you will be required to secure the yard.

*Applications must be approved prior to arranging for a meeting with any dogs in local foster care. 


Applying to adopt

Applications may take up to 7 days to process. Upon submitting an application, a pop up window confirms that your application has been submitted. If you did not see this, contact Petstablished as directed in the application.

Do not email asking if we can confirm that we have received your application. We do not have enough volunteers to answer these emails. 

  • Apply 

  • Submit a completed adoption application

  • - Please answer questions with as much detail when possible.
    - If you live in a strata, make sure that you have read your bylaws and that you can provide a copy. Check for maximum size permitted.
    - If you rent, please have a letter from your landlord with contact information.

Phone Call 

If the application looks suitable for the dog being applied for, a phone interview follows, discussing the application and answering any of the applicant's questions about the dog and the adoption process.


Home Visit 

Shortlisted applicants are asked to participate in a Home Visit. Our visits are to ensure that the environment is safe and ready for a dog to be brought into the home. 


Meet the Dog 

If the dog is being fostered locally, this is typically done at their foster home or at a mutually agreed upon location.

When possible, International adoptions, (fostering-to-adopt dogs), are met at the airport. If not possible, arrangements can be made to bring the dog to the applicants' home. Any costs associated for a dog to be adopted outside of the lower mainland are at the expense of the adopter. If the adoption does not work out, the expense to bring the dog back is also the responsibility of the adopter.


A dog in foster care can be met a few times by an approved adopter before a decision is made whether or not to adopt them. A dog that will be in the foster-to-adopt program will be cared for in the applicants' home until they are adopted by the applicant or by someone else.


Adoption Process


When you apply to adopt one of our dogs here is what happens:

You will receive a phone call from one of our volunteers to go over your application with you. We want to make sure we interpret what you wrote correctly.

If everything appears to be okay with your application AND we have a volunteer Home Checker in your area, the volunteer Home Checker will visit you in your home and take pictures of your home and your yard. If we do not have a Home Checker in your area, a volunteer will ask you to email photos of your home and yard.

Once both these checks have been completed and LALDR is satisfied your family is a good fit for our dogs, you will be notified if you have been approved as an applicant for one of our dogs.

PLEASE NOTE: We often have more than one applicant for each dog so we will review the applications for each dog and choose the a home that matches the needs of the dog as closely as we can. This is not always the BEST home but we want the best home for the dog. WHY do we do this? Because we want our dogs AND our families to have the very best chance of success.

At no time during the adoption process should an applicant assume that a specific dog has been promised to them. Volunteers do not have the authority to promise anyone a dog. Only the directors processing adoptions are able to finalize an adoption.