Loved at Last is a registered, non-profit organization. All of the adoption fees collected for international dogs (whether they are located abroad or locally) go back into helping to rescue the next international dog. The majority of our adoption fees go to the rescuer to cover flight costs while the rest goes towards customers and other fees once the dog has arrived. 

Why do we charge the same fees for a locally-located dog? The answer is because the vast majority of our dogs arrived from out of the country and there are fees owed for his or her transport. Additional fees go towards vet costs, therapy, training, wheelchairs and similar expenses that a dog has incurred while waiting for adoption. 

Please note that it is a mandatory requirement that all of our dogs are spayed/neutered at the appropriate time. We do not normally cover spay/neuter costs, dental costs or wellness vet visits. Adoption fees are determined on a dog-to-dog basis and the fee listed in the dog’s profile page is the updated fee.

Costs & Refunds

Once you have decided to adopt an international dog, we require a CAD $100 deposit be paid. This deposit goes towards the final adoption fee and will be refunded if it is determined during the 14 day trial that the chosen dog is not a good fit for your family. 

If it is found that your new companion fits in well with your family, you are then required to pay the full, non-refundable adoption fee which is collected after the 14 day trial. It is possible to request an extension on the trial period, however it is your responsibility to notify us ahead of time if you feel this will be required. You must receive written agreement to extend the trial period.

Important: We understand that sometimes things don’t work out and adopters should never hesitate to reach out to us for help. We will always accept a dog back!

Standard Fees

  • Standard adoption fees (in Canadian dollars) are:  
  • 8 -10 months and younger $550-$600**
  • 1 year – 4 years old $500 -$550
  • 5 years – 10 years old $400-$500
  • Paraplegic/dual amputees (cart dogs) $400 (cart may or may not be included)
  • **does not include spay/neuter which is a condition of adoption and at the expense of the adopter

Adopters are responsible for the customs charges in Vancouver which range between $30 -50. This is collected by Customs. 

During peak times, the use of baggage porters are mandatory at the Vancouver International Airport. The adopter is also required to pay for the porter which is $25 CAD (must be paid in cash)  per pet, regardless of size.

Other expenses that are incurred by the rescuer in origin. These are not passed on to the adopter.

  • International dogs being flown to Vancouver are normally charged as excess baggage (this can range from $300 – $600CAD) as per airline regulations.
  • Crates to transport the dogs can range between $100 to $500 depending on the country.
  • Spaying or neutering $150-$300 (if of age)
  • Distemper vaccination $20-$30 ×2
  • Rabies vaccination $15-$25
  • Heartworm test (for dogs) $15-$35
  • Microchip insertion  $50
  • Deworming $20-$50
  • Medical Certificate

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us.