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Gudrun S. for sponsoring Harold!

Yvette O. for sponsoring Queen!

Linda S. for donating!

Brooke W. for sponsoring Brinkley!

Andrew H. for donating!

Daniela H. for donating!

Michael N. for sponsoring Kirby!

Douglas F. for donating!

Erica C. for donating!

Robert P. for donating!

Andrew F. for donating!

Susan G. for donating!

Treen I. in honour of Janis Taylor.

Brian S. for sponsoring America!

Lisa J. for sponsoring Yana!

Stephanie C. for sponsoring Harvey!

Stephen W. for sponsoring Shiper!

Kathryn J. for sponsoring Parker!

Craig A. for donating!

Maria Z. for donating!

Azita Z. for sponsoring multiple dogs!

Yingduo C. for donating!

Lucas D. for sponsoring 7 puppies in need!

Kyla K. for donating!

Dog Carnival raised $528 for Cambie Vet!

Nicola P. for donating!

Joshua S. for sponsoring Gigi!

Barb W. for sponsoring Layla!

Eckhart Teachings Inc. for donating!

Heather P. for sponsoring Paisley!

Linden M. for sponsoring multiple dogs!

Megan W. for donating!

Sarah B. for donating!

Zachary B. for donating!

Ute V. for donating!

Navjot S. for sponsoring Parker!

Joe F. for sponsoring Lucky Luke!

Charlene T. for donating!

Pippa S. for donating!

Lisa J. for donating!

Sherri G. for donating!

Tracey F. for donating!

Leanne D. for donating!

Alex M. for sponsoring Apollo (8)!

Erika V. for sponsoring Sarah!

Whitney E. for sponsoring Maybe!

Andreas G. for donating!

Donna M. for sponsoring Emmy and Sandy!


We try to acknowledge all donations in a timely manner and apologize for anyone not listed that should be. Without your support, we would not be able to help as many dogs as we have.

We encourage you to connect with us via Facebook or email at


Canada’s Guide to Dogs

PA Dog Rescue

Victoria Adoptables

The Paw Pages

Maya Rego Creations

Give your pet a happier, healthier life with the gift of mobility.

Local Dog Training

International Street Dog Foundation

The Ark of San Juan

Club Canine Doggy Day Care in Abbotsford, BC

Saving ONE senior dog at a time and educating MANY young minds to create a legacy of compassion and advocacy!

Rescue Express is a non-profit organization that saves thousands of lives each year by offering free animal transport for approved rescue partners from high-kill shelters and overpopulated areas in California.