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Foster to Adopt Program

Many of Loved At Last Dog Rescue (LALDR) dogs are brought to Vancouver, BC from overseas. These dogs are extremely precious because of their circumstances. Several have had a rough start and have lost limbs, eyes, legs etc.  People adopting a dog from LALDR are also precious because they are agreeing to bring a dog into their homes; most sight unseen.
ALL International adoptions are part of our Foster-to-Adopt program. This offers a safety net for those willing to apply to adopt a dog they have not met. Many first time meetings happen at the Vancouver Airport and most often, it's love at first sight. LALDR relies on our local contacts at the origin to provide us with as detailed a description of the dog as possible. However occasionally when a dog arrives in the home, it's not an ideal match.
The Foster-to-Adopt program enables applicants to determine if the dog is a good fit for their home. If it is found that it is not a good match we ask that the applicant agree to foster the dog until an adoptive home is found. Of course, If there is aggressive behavior, LALDR will remove the dog from the applicant's home.
Upon arrival of the dog, the applicant will sign an adoption agreement and provide a two week post-dated cheque (or e-transfer) for the adoption fee. The cheque will not be cashed until the applicant decides to adopt the dog or the 2 week foster period is over. If the applicant decides not to adopt, the cheque will be destroyed and a photo of the destroyed cheque will be provided. 
During this 2 week trial period, communication with LALDR is extremely important. We want to make sure that everyone is happy. If you have any reservations or require any extra assistance please never hesitate to contact us. At any time, under any circumstance, we will always accept a LALDR dog back.
Thank you very much for wanting to foster to adopt a rescue dog.


Steps in the Foster-to-Adopt program
  1. Apply to adopt a LALDR dog
  2. Continue through the process and receive confirmation that your application has been selected for a specific dog
  3. A flight/companion will be found to escort your dog to Vancouver, BC. Current wait times are around 6-8 weeks.
  4. Meet your dog at the airport with a representative from LALDR. Bring the required martingale collar, leash, 2 week postdated cheque, and sign the adoption agreement.
  5. Bring your new dog home. Keep in contact with LALDR and advice of any concerns.
  6. The adoption process is complete with the cashing of the postdated cheque.