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Adopted – Happy Tails

We love receiving updates from adopters and would like to share them with you.

Please email: with photos!

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I wanted to write to you to thank you & all the people at LALDR for 1. rescuing the dogs from the streets & giving them a new life,  2. giving people wonderful companions.
Yana (now Aya) has become a wonderful companion, and is incredibly loving. She is an absolute joy!
She gets along well with our cat, and is more relaxed & trusting of children.
Yana has the run of our back garden (which is fenced), but still has to be on leash when out front or on a walk, as she bolts when scared. We are working on her re-call when off leash.  She is incredibly smart, and bounces like a prancing horse when playing.
When I first took her on walks, she would barely go one block before pulling to return home. Now she dances when I get her leash. She also jumps into the back seat of the car when asked (no more lifting a squirming dog).




He has really adjusted well here and is a wonderful fit to our family. He loves Tika (our other dog) so much! Thank you again for keeping  him safe.



When Fred (formally Rambo) came to us, he was skittish, a little wary of people, and completely unable to settle down and relax.  Only a few months later and he’s a completely new dog!!  He plays all day, snoozes happily in your lap, prances around like a little prince, and proudly does tricks for treats.  He is the cutest little cuddle bug.  He has so much personality, huffing when he doesn’t get what he wants, and preening when he gets away with garden strawberries.  We can’t imagine life without him now.






Alaska (yes we kept the name) is doing wonderful, she has really come out of her shell. She used to be so shy and wouldn’t play with anyone but now she loves to play and is really working on her shyness. She is so happy and healthy, and she has made my husband and I so very happy. She is almost a completely different dog now than when we got her. Her favorite toy is a stuffed boot and her favourite thing to do is run and get people or dogs to chase her.

Thank you so much for rescuing her and getting her to us, we are so grateful to have her as a part of our family!


Nousha (formerly Molly)

Nousha is doing well. She gets excited for her walks now and doesn’t lie down while we’re walking. She is so sweet and gentle with us and our kids. We love her so much and can’t remember what life was like without her!


Bella (formerly Piccabeen, tree litter)

Here are some pictures of the new “QUEEN” in our household. As you can see she looks quite comfortable and happy with her new life and family. She has become a huge part of our lives!


Stella & Aspen

Happy to share with you that Stella is really coming out of her shell. She’s quite puppy-like at times and increasingly affectionate. She and Aspen go kissy-faced together in the mornings and I get licked while I’m trying to do my yoga in the morning…puts a new slant on -downward dog! Can’t believe how far Stella has come since June. Aspen has definitely helped her. Hard to be an Eeyore when Roo keeps bouncing all over you!

Stella adores her walks. We go off leash in one of our local parks or another for an hour at least and Stella skips up her feet and cavorts in the woods, her whole body wagging with delight; that’s until baby Bratifink, aka Aspen jumps on her. They are such a delight, these two. Thank you for suggesting and giving us Aspen, we now have the perfect combination. She’s completed the family.



Scout is a wonderful addition to our family. He is so sweet and cuddly, and he housetrained very quickly! He likes to explore and run around the backyard with his new sister. We love him dearly!



Charlotte (formerly Sushi)

Charlotte is doing great! Every day we see a little bit more of her personality come through. The first few days she was totally shut down and hid in her kennel… now she greets me at the door when I get home with giant tail wags and a smile. She is absolutely the sweetest little girl. She is still nervous of people when we are out on the trails, but she is learning that new people are good too. I am confident that in time everyone will be lucky enough to see her loving personality.


Dodger (formerly Freddy)

This is Dodger (Freddy) being a naughty sweet boy 🙂



Sara is doing amazing, I can hardly keep up to her anymore. She has so much energy and just wants to play all the time. She’s always smiling. She still has some anxiety with some of the sounds and smells inside the house but so much better then when she first came. She just loves to be outside and doesn’t seem to mind the cold at all, she loves to roll around in the snow. She’s quite a character and makes me laugh everyday. Sara is very much loved, thank you for saving her.



Herman is doing great! He is currently getting a couple rounds of chemo to suppress a tumor he had from his time in Iran. He is handling the chemo very well, but he doesn’t like taking pills.




Even after only 2 days Ladner adjusted as if he has always been with us – he is a little gem! He is so resilient and in great health. As you can see in the picture we don`t think he likes being in the water. We live near a beautiful ocean beach that we go to frequently and have a lifejacket for him. We will slowly introduce him to the beauty of our natural environment. He has met our grand-dog (a standard poodle ten times his size) – I believe they will be good friends. I have introduced him to many of our neighborhood dogs and everyone has been so welcoming. We love him!



Mercy is doing well. She enjoys walks at the lake and being a great study buddy.



Tara is doing great and has settled in well. She loves being outside in the yard and hanging out with the bunnies.



Felix (formerly Trois)

Felix is awesome! Very sweet, friendly and cuddly. He has learned to ignore the cats, sit and lie down on command, use backyard for potty and enjoy walks and hikes. His biggest challenge is learning that when his people are out of view for a moments he is fine. He has quite the ‘singing’ (howling) voice when feeling sorry for himself, but is actually quickly gaining confidence especially with his puppy pals at work and neighbours. He sleeps soundly all night by my bed and no more barking at new sounds or footsteps in the hallway. I am taking him on many outings in the car and letting him chew on a toy when I go into a store for a few minutes and he is learning he is ok and I always come back soon! We love him lots!

Clover (formerly Dora)

Clover/Dora is doing really great! She is super sweet and loves to cuddle! She will even play with my other dog Willow in the snow!



Una (formerly Uno)

What a difference a few days make. No more shy Una, and she already knows her name too.


Cedar (formerly Oscar)

Oscar (we’re calling him Cedar) is doing so well! He’s getting along amazingly with everyone in the house, and he’s so smart he’s already started to catch on to basic tricks. We love him so much, thank you for everything!




Dexter has settled right into his new home and is a very happy little guy.



Gus (formerly Houston)

Houston, now Gus is doing amazing adjusting to Canada. A few hiccups, but who knows what the poor guy went through in Iran. He is the sweetest boy ever. He is a mommas boy for sure and he is always by my side. He will follow me everywhere I go, and is my little shadow. He sleeps in bed with us every night and protects us against loud noises! Lol. He LOVES car rides and has his own spot right in the middle that he stays in and doesn’t move. He absolutely loves the snow and loves when we put his little jacket on to go out. He is such an amazing dog and I couldn’t be happier he is now safe and loved in Canada. Thank you LALDR for bringing this special boy to us!




Murray is doing amazing in his new home and loving his family. He loves to go on outings, especially the dog park 🙂



Ulf (formerly Archie)

Ulf is living an amazing life with a family he loves so much!!




She’s an amazing dog and behaves good most of the time (except pees on the carpet sometimes 😂). Generally she gets along well with our 5-year old cat, they fight every day but just for fun. Since we are living in the suburbs that we could take her to a little forest every day, she obviously enjoys the outdoors and loves to step into the river way.




Captain is doing great in his new home and loving his family and fur siblings.




Heidi is doing great in her new home and is very loved.




Dante is doing well, he has a few issues we are dealing with.  But I believe with patience and love those issues will all settle down.  We love him very much.




I cannot tell you how happy we all are! Emmy has grown so much, come out of her shell actually faster than I thought!!!! Today was the first time my son came with me for a walk and to our surprise she allowed him to walk her. we went up the street quite a ways and then she decided she wanted to sit. So sit she did lol. When I get home after being out for a bit, you hear this loud slap of her tail on the sofa and a big smile on her face. Oh and she has claimed my spot. It’s too funny if I head to the sofa she gets there faster. How can you not love that girl! She smells so good! She is still sleeping in my room on her special bed if she isn’t with me and she doesn’t budge the entire night. It’s funny when I lift my head up to see how she is, she sits right up and looks at me so regal like. I cannot thank you enough for this little blessing. I want you to know she has made us all very happy and as you can see she is also.



Bronte (formerly Zoey)

Zoey is doing great and she is adjusting beautifully. We LUV her!




Pirate has recovered nicely from his surgery and is a happy puppy!  He really is such a wonderful, gentle and loving dog and has transitioned into our family seamlessly.



Moe (formerly Alfie)

We have only had a few hiccups but nothing major. I have seen an improvement in him. He chases the cats, Moe speed, but still a run. His mom is his human! He runs after me, when I get home from work and he hears my voice he gets really excited, he jumps up with his front paws on mom’s legs and back paws on the ground and I am the only one he is always ok with picking him up. We recently got him a sweater to keep him warm at first he tried to bite me when I put it on him but once he had it on he walked proud and didn’t want it off. He is fitting in perfectly with our family. We adopted each other ❤️



Peppi (formerly Lily)

Peppi has been such a delight to have in our lives. She is an incredibly gentle, calm and affectionate dog – exactly what we were looking for. She’s been great on a leash, and we’ve had no bathroom accidents with her so far. She has had unusual fears that we didn’t anticipate (very fearful of hardwood flooring, which covers our apartment) and we’ve spent our first week with her working through it. She seems very healthy and is slowly learning to play, both with toys and with other dogs. She loves to curl up on all of the soft surfaces in our home, and flops onto her back when she sees us after time apart. We’ve been really happy with everything so far – thank you.




Henry is a wonderful addition to our family! We gave him a bath as soon as we got home and he did so well! He sat right down, didn’t whimper or try to jump out of the tub (which our other dog, Henry’s big sister Odette, usually does). That night he slept soundly in the crate. After just a week, we’ve started to let him sleep outside the crate and he’s adapted so well. Every morning, he and Odette join us in bed and we cuddle for a bit before getting ready for the day. He’s so affectionate! Henry has also joined Odette at doggy daycare and has fit right in! In fact, one of the photos shows Henry with another dog at daycare, Cahlie. They are quite smitten with each other! Henry and Odette spend hours playing and he’s even attended a puppy “play and train” at the local positive dog training school. He did so well and has been quickly learning how to socialize and make new friends. We love him so much!




LuLu flew from Iran to Vancouver in early July and we spent the summer acclimatizing.  At first, pretty stuck to her (door always open) crate, but within a couple of weeks out more and started wagging her tail.  By end of the first months was learning to play with our second pooch (pup about the same age that lives in our “garden suite” with our son and daughter-in-law) and loving outings to the beach and/or park.  So great to see her racing around having a wonderful time!  Now a pretty happy family member – other than a few protection issues focused on the top of the stairs which we’re working on.  So far so good!  LuLu with her “sister” Emma (our son’s/daughter-in-law’s dog)



Indigo (formerly Meadow)

Indigo is AMAZING.  The very first night she was up and sleeping on the bed with all of us (thank God for a Cal King lol). She’s scared of new things, sure, but I definitely wouldn’t classify her as a timid dog after all.  She is, however, very smart.  She was housetrained by day 5, no longer scared of stairs by day 7 and as of today (day 14) she remembers to stand in our front foyer to get her paws wiped off after a rainy walk – just like her older doggie sister :)She has free range of the whole house, but her favourite place is cuddled right up on the couch, directly beside Shane.  She is truly adorable, and I can say without a doubt, we were in love with her from the first moment we saw her



Sloane (formerly Oreo)

Sloane is a wonderful dog and has become a well loved member of the family. He has adapted well and has fit right in.



Nousha (formerly Sandy)

Nousha is doing very well.   She’s eating well though and we’ve taken her on a couple of short walks. She’s being very patient with our sons who want to pet her a lot and they are being good about giving her space when she needs it. She seems to like it when I talk to her and she wagged her tail for the first time today when I walked into the room! We already love her so much. Overall I think she’s doing well and we’re doing what we can to reassure her and make her feel that this is her new home. Thank you so much.



Lola (formerly Brownie)

Lola is doing great in her new home and loving life.



Higgins (formerly Coal)

It’s going really well. Higgins is a very sweet boy. He loves everyone he meets. We’ve introduced him to a couple of dogs that we have in our family and he is a little nervous but has been quite good. Wags his Tail and wants to play. He likes walking on his leash and loves hi




So far so good with Misha on most fronts, some of the issues are slowly resolving, and others may need longer term training. He is such a smart boy, but has a massive prey drive, it’s currently hard to get him to listen/give you his attention, but he is slowly responding more to his name and to whistles and such. Recall to us is getting better, but he still seems to have some selective hearing haha.  He now walks very politely on a leash, apart from when his prey drive kicks in near fall grasses and bushes. I have a feeling that once he has good recall, and we can let him run around in my parents backyard, that he will be an amazing vole/mouse catcher 🙂 The training for all these issues are slowly coming along so far.



Abby & Gabby (formerly Harlow & Jessie)

Abby (Harlow) & Gabby (Jessie) are doing wonderful. Right from the moment I brought them home on the 26th they both acted like this has always been their home. They have been eating, drinking and neither have had difficulties in pooping as I read they might. They are both extremely affectionate and loved to be petted, cuddled and spoiled.  They both love their new doggie beds and are just starting to play with toys…of course they love the ones that squeak not the quiet ones lol. Gabby (Jessie) has been christened my little shadow as she follows me everywhere. She gets along very well on three legs but if possible why not have four lol. I can’t thank Loved At Last enough for bringing these two little sweeties to me, they have brought so much sunshine & love to into my life.




I bring her to the park with a beach everyday. She was afraid of the waves at first but is so curious she’s gotten in the water and had some fun after 2 weeks =) Also brought her to a farm the other day (one of the field photos)  she’s getting to know many dogs and people. She occasionally barks at new things but gets used to things very quickly and calms down. She loves to pull and jump when on the leash but her and I are working on that together, helping her associate being calm and walking beside me with treats and praise.




Zorro is doing great. He is sweet, gentle and such a brave boy. We are working through some separation anxiety as he attached himself pretty immediately to me, but I think we will be just fine!



Cookie is wonderful!! We’ve had a busy summer, we spent a month in the Gulf Islands where she got to be a free range dog with all the kids and many doggie friends. We took her camping to a lake where she loved exploring, digging in the sand, and even swimming 😊
She loves sticking her nose out the window on car rides and going for walks in the forest (which is right across the street). We have a 2-year-old Whoodle and Cookie follows her everywhere! They play ALL the time 😆 it’s my favorite thing to watch! Here are several pics of our summer so far.



Clover (formerly Dora)

Clover is doing a little better everyday. When she arrived she was covered in ticks and would barely move. She pretty much just slept and would eat and drink when we put food near her face. We took her to see my friend who is a naturopathic veterinarian. She was given homeopathic remedies for ticks and depression, as well as flea and tick spray. Yesterday was a breakthrough day. My partner was leaving to pick me up from work and Clover stood up and followed him! He still had to carry her down the stairs but she enjoyed the car ride! And when we returned home she ran through the grass and seemed so happy! Again we had to carry her back up the stairs but we’ll get there. I admit this is a lot harder than I thought it would be, but she is so worth it.




Ester is doing amazing in her new home. She has settled in well and is having a great time with her brother Ryker. Her mom says she is so easy and a great dog. She is well loved and has made herself at home.




I again wanted to thank you so much for all your help in getting my boy here!! His first night he insisted on sleeping in bed with me and had been attached to me since our arrival home. He’s eaten some wet food and is handling it well. Trevor has taken the day off as I couldn’t get it and didn’t want to overwhelm him with taking him to work with me just yet. He is an absolute sweetheart and already I can tell he’s very smart. I couldn’t ask for a better guy.




Hi from Misha!
She’s doing great – still nervous around some people but she loves us, loves camping, loves walks… having a great life! She went to sniffer classes and had a lot of fun so we’re going to look into doing that again. Thought you would like to see a picture of her. She is much more relaxed now – I can see it in the pictures when I compare them to a year ago.



Faro (formerly Mojo)

We have been making great progress.  This guy is such a gem.  We have decided to name him Faro (pronounced Pharaoh).  He is getting more comfortable with Bear and we are trying to remain firm and consistent in our response, and so far the growling, snapping, and barking are diminishing.  We even took him to the off leash dog park in a controlled setting when a few familiar laid back dogs were there.  I’ve attached some photos of the little guy.  Some are from our latest adventure where we took him and Bear to the lake near our house.  Faro (Mojo) was so excited running around (he runs all quirky its pretty entertaining) then all of the sudden he just dove into the water.  We laughed so hard.  I think even he was surprised.  We have even been doing some trial runs on leaving them in the house alone and so far they have all been resounding successes.  It is still daily work to overcome all his fear regarding the world around him, but it feels great to see progress and imagine the wicked amazing dog he’s on the road to becoming.


Goldie & Olivia

Goldie and Olivia are loving their new home! There are being showered with love from their new parents!



Izzy (formerly Abby/Taban)

She is the sweetest little girl ever and we love her very much…
A few months ago we moved to Pritchard just outside of Kamloops to a big acreage with lots of room for running around and play time.
I am very fortunate that I can take her to work with me, she is always patient and gentle with everyone she meets. She has adjusted I would say very well and is a happy AND healthy little girl.
We are grateful for everything you all do there, saving so many pups, THANK YOU.

Pani (formerly Sweetpea)

We’ve been working with Pani, lots of exercise, walks, etc and Jan you wouldn’t recognize her as the same girl that was carried off that plane! She now, not only walks, she runs! She’s no longer incontinent, just has occasional accidents (mostly when she gets too excited).

Pani literally amazes all of us, every day! Her vet here, Dr Danielle Rowe, is not shocked she’s walking, more surprised at how fast Pani’s regaining strength and walking. Dr Danielle works a lot with rescue’s and said, unlike humans, paralyzed dogs do better and tend to regain a lot of lost mobility.
We wouldn’t have cared if Pani never walked on her own, or needed diaper changes or whatever, we would’ve given her anything she needed, wanted, demanded! lol But, truly, we’re amazed at how far she’s come and can’t wait to see how far she’ll go!



Asha (formerly Hope)

Hope is now Asha. She is such a happy girl. She’s a bit of a mama’s girl, but she knows that Sean is the go-to for a good wrestle or game of tug of war. She sleeps like a floppy fish when she’s really pooped herself out, and loves to laze about in the grass. Asha loves everyone she meets human or canine and will pull with all her might to say hello to anyone that will give her belly rubs. Her prey drive is still quite strong so rabbits and squirrels make our walks interesting. She has nearly taken me for a walk a few times trying to chase them. After walks, she enjoys cooling down in her Paw Patrol pool. Her confidence took no time at all to build and she now enjoys lots of playtime with her neighbourhood friends and at the dog park. Her missing leg doesn’t slow her down in the least! She learned basic commands very very quickly and now does “sit, down, roll over” all at once to get her treats quicker cuz she’s smart like that. She hasn’t quite gotten used to the idea of swimming yet, but she’s on her way. She has waded in with her life jacket a few times and gets more comfortable each attempt. We have a feeling once she gets the hang of it, we won’t be able to get her out of the water. She is our joy, we can’t imagine life without her.



Murphy (formerly Sparky/Sammy)

Murphy loves his forever and is enjoying life! He is happy and healthy and is completely settled in. 




I just wanted to let you know that Shawncy has arrived home! We are so happy, and in love. He has taken over the house, toys are every where because he does not know which ones to play with first lol. He has become the love of all the neighbourhood. And he loves all the attention! I can’t believe how trusting and loving he is with all he had gone through!!! I have given your site to many people. I think you are going to see more name from the Trail area inquiring.
Thank you so much for bring this wonderful soul into our lives. ❤️



Zara (formerly Alley)

After 4 months of waiting for a flight date, my Zara (aka Alley) arrived in Vancouver after 30 hrs in transit. Covered in ticks and in need of a good bath she was just as sweet and gentle as her ad on Kijiji had suggested. Zara came to me as a scared, untrusting little girl who jumped at the sound of the slightest unfamiliar sound or sudden movement. She was somewhat territorial with other dogs and she did not like my little dog Carlo being near her food (although this only lasted 2 weeks as she realized Carlo was the boss – he was so persistent, even after she put him on his back a couple of times – he kept going back to her food bowl). Based on the unimaginable abuse she suffered in her first year of life and the subsequent year(s) she spent in an Iranian shelter, this was no surprise.

Four months after her arrival, Zara is a different dog although she is still working on gaining trust and understanding that I am not going to abandon her. She has adapted to her new life very quickly and has learned many commands and how to play without any formal training. She is my little shadow, my mountain biking companion and has joined Carlo as my all around outdoors adventure dog.

She is a happy girl and aims to please. She makes me smile every time she runs circles around the yard, rolls in the grass, charges at me to roll over and demand a belly rub or gives Carlo licks of affection on the face. Just recently we introduced Zara to snow for the first time. She has also learned to swim. Everything is overwhelming to her – but in a really great way. She loves her new life.

She is kind and loving and many friends and guests to my home have commented on her uniqueness – she is a special little girl and has a spirit like no other dog I have owned. Both Carlo and I were coming out of a rough patch and she was just what we needed to get us back in gear.

If you are thinking about adopting a dog from Iran or any rescue dog, for that matter, it is well worth it. I have two now – Carlo is from California (I have had him for 5 years) and Zara from Iran – we are a multi-cultural family. Both of my dogs are the most grateful and loving dogs I have ever known. If I had any doubts about my decision to adopt from Iran, sight unseen, those were quickly washed away upon Zara’s arrival and integration into my family. Yes, I have rescued these two pups and no doubt given them a better life but they have enriched my life so much more than they could ever imagine.




Gypsy has made so much progress. She was terrified of other dogs, and had an injured leg when she arrived to us. She now loves to run like the wind, play with other dogs, chew squeaky toys, dig in the sand, sunbathe and of course loves to go on walks any outdoor adventures. She has a custom brace for her leg, and it doesn’t slow her down one bit. She gets compliments every time she’s out in public, always being told how sweet, gentle and beautiful she is. We adore her and so does everyone who meets her. She’s a great fit for our family and we’re so thankful to have rescued her!
She also has an Instagram account @rescuedgypsy




Happy is doing great!!!!!! He is loving life with his doggy sibling and his people siblings. We’re just getting ready for his first camping trip. 




Hello Smudge Lovers,

We are very excited as Smudge has gained almost three pounds since Monday.  He has started to grow hair back on the area below his left eye which I am so pleased to see. Smudge also went on a mile walk yesterday which we thought was great.

His blood work and tests came back negative, so another reason to celebrate. He has been with us to a couple of outdoor coffee shops and does so well, very calm and he gets lots of smiles.

We will continue to keep you updated. Woof Woof!




Hi everyone, my name is Tamara and I adopted little Dolly. I fell in love with this little being the second I saw her funny one eyed large tongue face on Pet Finders.

Dolly has brought so much joy into my life since she arrived on April 6. I have never had a pet that has matched me so perfectly. Dolly saved me just as much as I saved her.

When Dolly first arrived she was a little frail and weak, but with good nutrition, exercise, some chiropractor visits and lots and lots of love she is happy, healthy and strong.

Dolly really truly is a Doll, she is so sweet and loving and she sure lets you know when she wants loving herself. ( she is flopping around me so dramatically right now to get that love lol) She also seems to know when people need a little extra love from her when she meets them. She has many doggie friends and loves to run and play and she teaches any puppy she meets how to play properly. Her funny face and bouncy little walk makes everybody happy, she is very popular in our neighbourhood. Dolly loves to play fetch, but doesn’t care about walks; she just loves to be in our cozy little apartment.

Thank you to her saviours for what you do and taking such good care of Dolly and all the doggies.

If you would like to see more of Dolly, you can follow her on Instagram @1eyed_dolly




Katie is very sweet, intelligent and beautiful. I just signed her up for doggy school today, it starts in 3 weeks.
2 days ago in the park next to my home, Katie always very happy and interested to be outside (sometimes still shy with other dogs).




Willow is doing great! She is happy, healthy, and getting bolder by the day. She loves hiking, and playing with her jack russel friend Ozzie. She is doing amazing and loving her new life and family!




Sam has settled in with his new family and is doing great ☺ His family say he is very loving, intelligent, great with other dogs, and great on leash. He loves to go camping, hiking, play fetch, and make new friends. He is one happy boy who is loving his new life!



Oprah (formerly Shadow)

Oprah is doing so great with her new family!! She loves other dogs so much and gets to go to the beach 2 times a week to the off leash beach and loves to go in the water. They say she is so calm and loving. Also in the first week they had her she could barely walk from lack of muscle but now she is doing so great! She just learnt how to run in the past week and she acts like a 5 year old puppy!! She is learning how to sprint and her legs flop everywhere and its amazing. They are so thankful for her and couldn’t be happier ☺



Gerald (formerly Shadow)

Gerald is doing amazing in his new home! He had his first trip to the beach but isn’t sure yet about the water ☺ He loves to play fetch, go for walks, and receive lots of pets and cuddles. He is very smart and knows how to sit, stay, and come commands already! His family say he has a quirky side and likes to carry around shoes and clothes and “help” with the laundry ☺ He scored an amazing home!




Olive is settling in well and loving her new life here in Canada. She loves to run run run, then take a long nap ☺ She is enjoying her new human siblings and doing great. Her family say she is such a joy and love her so much!




Fendi is doing great in her new home. Her family brought her in as a foster which turned into a forever ☺ They said she bonded so quickly and couldn’t bare to let her go. They are so thankful she came into their lives and say she is a perfect match!



Archer (formerly Homer)

Archer has instantly become a central part of our lives and we couldn’t be more in love with him already. We’ve named him “Archer” and he is already responding to his name and learning to sit, stay, and lay down, etc upon command. He LOVES to play in the snow and with his stuffed toys (the toucan is currently his favourite) and he has quickly become the star clinic dog when he comes to work with me because he is so calm and gentle. He also loves to cuddle and has made himself rather comfortable in our bed at night. So – a heartfelt thank you to the rescuer and your organization for bringing him to us.



Pani (formerly Sweet Pea)

Pani is doing so amazing, our other three have just adapted and accepted her so fast too. She has a huge personality, she LOVES being out in our backyard! Everything here is so new and different and it’s like a whole new world for her to take over! Lol, she makes us giggle every day! I feel like we really needed her and we’re sure glad she found her way to us through you guys! ❤️ 💯



Hayley (formerly Hannah)

Hayley is doing great in her new home with her family. She loves playing with her fur sibling but is still figuring out the cats. She is a typical gal who has a bit of a shoe fetish. All in all she is so happy and doing amazing!




Dingo is just doing great. She will always be the trouble maker of the two, but that is OK. She is just a happy girl. I just got home from work after leaving them alone for the first time and nothing was destroyed and there were no presents left for me on the floor. That was a very pleasant surprise.


Cowboy is doing amazing in his new home. He loves going for walks with his family and runs with his mom. He loves all the trails they explore and the ocean. In the winter he goes crazy playing in the snow. He loves his new human siblings so much. The chickens are loved. ☺ His family is just smitten with him. This boy scored a great home!




Here is a little story about this amazing dog, besides him barking at bears.
The old cat Mimi snuck out and i did not know she was outside when i went to bed. At 2:30 am i wake up to howling which was confusing as i thought she was safely indoors but it was coming from the front deck. I just glimpsed a grey and black body and thought it was the mean male cat from next door. Cooper and i ran outside but did not see Mimi. He barked and ran up down the deck. I went in to get the flashlight but by the time i came out again he had found her in the garden just in front of the deck. I picked Mimi up and she seemed to be in shock. No blood or visible wounds so i put a towel around her and let her be. A little while later Cooper was whining so i went to look and Mimi had moved to the spare room. He spent the rest of the night and the next day laying by her. He checked her out which was more than i was allowed to do as she is a grumpy cat. She took comfort in him. Every time he goes out he smells around and was really angry about it all. I realized the next day it had been a racoon as there were prints on the door of my car and on my daughter’s fence. Mimi was lucky to not be injured, but maybe they startled each other. She took a couple of days to recover and Cooper kept an eye on her. She is all back to normal now, eating and getting about. Tonight my little grand daughter came up and was running about. Cooper loves her, and gets really goofy around her. She gives him treats and shrieks, a sound he can hear so he barks and she thinks that is hilarious. She was bending over to get at something and he gave her a nose butt on the diapered bum. They are good friends already and they actually play, she takes off with his biscuit and he races behind her but stops short of knocking her flying.
What a dog!




Rafiq (formerly Tam)

Rafiq is doing amazing in his new home. He is learning some basic commands like “come” which is so important for one who’s blind. He is so smart, learns fast, and loves his lessons! He has also been making lots of new friends. He is such a well loved boy. 




Aspen (formerly Auggie)

Aspen is doing wonderful in her new home. She enjoys early morning walks and splashing around in the pool with her pack sister who was also adopted from LALDR. She is loving all the beautiful parks she gets to visit with her family. She is having such a great time and loving life on Vancouver Island!




Maggie is SO loved by everyone. Her family bring her everywhere and she couldn’t be happier. ☺ She loves being outside and going for long walks. She is a perfect addition to her new family.



Marlee (formerly Nell)

Marlee is such a lucky pup living right on a lake! She has become such a big part of her family and is very loved by everyone. She gets to enjoy lots of lake front walks and fun boat rides. She loves her human siblings and is enjoying an amazing life!




 Sasha has become such an important part of our family.  He adapted so easily to life here.  It took him two days at the beginning to be brave enough to climb stairs and passing bicycles spooked him.  But he quickly relaxed, and now he is a very confident and happy dog.  He loves all people, and the only thing we have to watch out for is that he is still a very bouncy young dog.  Luckily, the places we take him off leash are dog friendly, so people don’t mind his exuberance and sometimes muddy paws.  He plays well with other dogs, too, especially off leash.  But his favorite thing of all is the beach!  He runs like the wind and loves to bound through the shallows.  He’s not really into swimming, though he has done so once or twice by accident, but running in circles on the sand and leaping through the waves bring a huge smile to his face – and to the face of anyone watching him.
He is also a very snuggly dog and willingly shares “his” sofa with us, so that is a side of him we also enjoy.  At first, he was very cautious and respectful of our cat.  Then, for a brief period, he tried to chase or play with the cat a few times – to the cat’s rather obvious displeasure.  But now they are comfortable with each other again, though Sasha does wonder why the cat can come and go so freely through the cat door, when he (Sasha) has to wait for us to take him out.
Our floor has a few extra scratches and a few pairs of shoes got nibbled on before we figured out how to stop him from pulling them out of the box we had put them in while we were gone, but those are very minor issues.  In exchange, we have a wonderful new friend and family member who brings us so much joy.


Misty (formerly Jessie)

Misty is doing great and is all settled into her new home. Her family say she is so friendly and loveable. ☺ She is getting so many cuddles and love and couldn’t be happier. She scored an amazing new family ☺





Sully hit the jackpot with his new family! He enjoys sunbathing, rubbing his face in the grass, and lazy nights at home cuddling his stuffed monkey. He gets to spend his summers at a lake home swimming and playing with his friends all day. He is so loved and such a grateful happy boy. ☺



Willow (formerly Mooshi/Timbit)

Willow is such a lucky pup and is living an amazing life now. She has a new set of wheels and is learning how to get around everywhere. She loves to sit in her parents laps and get lots of pets. She is so sweet and will now spend the rest of her time being very loved and spoiled. ☺




Bella is doing great in her new home and is loved so very much. She enjoys long hikes, laying in the grass, and chewing on sweaters ☺ She is a favorite at the dog ranch and everywhere she goes. She is living an amazing new life with great people!


Hafez (formerly Pony)

Hafez is doing great and is loving his new life here in Canada. He is meeting lots of people and learning to be comfortable doing new things. He is very spoiled and loved by his new family.