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“Hi guys, my new home is so fun. I’m not too sure about that wet stuff falling from the sky but my mom made sure to take me out again once it was gone away. My dad’s at work right now and I was looking for him when we came home. It’s okay though he will be home very soon. Well time for a chew on one of my tasty bones and a much needed nap with momma. Bye everyone see you soon!”



Grace has been with me for just over 8 weeks (Really?! Seems like years now!) and she continues to be a dream dog. She amazes and impresses everyone she meets with her regal, gentle, wise and loving demeanour. Most days Grace can be found out on a trail, splashing in a creek or river with packs of my client dogs. I can’t thank LALDR enough for eventually approving my application! 



Little Penny (formerly Chiffon) is doing great!! She has such a personality! We love every day with her. She loves her walks, loves saying hi to other dogs. She’s not too sure about the ocean though.



Bella went on her first camping trip and first hike this weekend! She kept nice and warm in her new fuzzy coat under the covers all night, made doggy friends, loved snuggling by the fire and hanging out with her fur brother Jake! She completes our little family! 




Ellie came from a tough life in Shanghai, but all she has brought me is love. She is still learning to trust people but has come a long way in such short time. Her spunky personality is finally showing and I couldn’t be happier. Special thanks to the volunteers who brought this sweet girl into my life.



This is Lolly from China, she is the most amazing dog…we have bonded immediately and she loves all my family especially my granddaughter they both think each other are amazing. Lolly has learned to ride in the car and on a boat she enjoyed her first camping trip she loves to go for two to three walks a day. She has also learned not to bark at every little noise which is quite amazing since we have a very Barky Baby Next Door. She has learned to come when called Shake A Paw sit and down. We have had her for 2 weeks and it’s like she has always been our dog thank you loved at Last dog rescue! All of the volunteers that you have are amazing!!!



This sweet boy is a rescue from Shanghai with an extremely rough start to his life. We are so grateful to get the opportunity to love him and give him a safe home. Today has been his first full day home, first tail wags, first kisses, first play time with toys, first jump on the couch, first treats. Many more firsts to come!

Meet the Dogs

We re-homes local dogs and international stray dogs from developing countries to adoptive homes in the local area. Our organization has partnered with compassionate individuals in the Middle East, Bahrain, India, Turkey, Mexico, Vietnam and other countries.

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Many of LALDR dogs are brought over to Vancouver, BC from overseas. These dogs are extremely precious because several have had a rough start and have lost limbs, eyes, legs, etc. People adopting from LALDR are also precious because they’re agreeing to bring a dog into their home.

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Volunteers are amazing people. As a volunteer-powered non-profit organization, LALDR wouldn’t be able to rescue the hundreds of dogs per year that we do. The volunteer teams with LALDR are dedicated animal lovers living all over the world to help dogs in need find loving homes.

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