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Beyond Breed – Which dog is your match?

Often a breed assigned to a dog is an educated guess and we do not guarantee that any dog is actually a specific breed or mix from a breed.

Loved at Last Dog Rescue is thrilled that you want to change the life of a rescue dog, but please be aware that sometimes a dog listed might actually have a pending adoption for another loving home. We try to keep the status updated and visible on our own website by adding “pending” to the name.  You can still apply, but be aware that you will be on a wait-list.  Consider putting more than one dog on your application or you will likely be emailed asking to consider other dogs if the one you apply for is pending.

Families with young children (around 8-12 years) need to look for dogs that have been identified as being good with kids. If we are not sure of how the dog will react, for the safety of your family and the dog, we will not process the application and usually, it will automatically not be approved. 
Read the profiles carefully, and understand that if an application is not approved and kids are in the home, it is because we do not have sufficient evidence to be confident that the dogs will be comfortable around the children.  This applies to all our dogs, even puppies. With very few exceptions, it is our policy not to adopt any dog into a home with children younger than 8.  

Read our policies under “adopting” 

Always read the profile to confirm if a dog is known to be good with other dogs, cats or children. If it is not stated within the profile we don’t know and have not been able to test.  A dog may be great with other dogs/cats while in the shelter or international foster but may not be great with them once they have arrived. We are not able to guarantee any of these traits and adopters need to be prepared to work with a trainer if needed. All information that is available about the dog is included in the profile.


New applications may take longer than usual to receive a response due to a shortage of volunteers available to conduct the first step of the adoption process, the phone interview. 


Please be patient while we try to process applications as soon as we can. 


Priority is being given to dogs that are in foster or arriving soon.


Thank you for understanding. (November 17, 2018)