IMPORTANT! Due to a shortage of volunteers at this time, responding to adoption applications may take up to a week. We appreciate your patience.

Would you like to volunteer? We are in need of volunteers to help with various tasks – especially phone interviewers for vetting our adoption applications. Please see our volunteer page for more details. Follow the Link: Volunteering at LALDR.

Applying for a Dog

We receive many applications for adoption and so there may be multiple applications for a single dog. Even if you have been approved for an adoption, we cannot guarantee that you will be matched with the dog you applied for if you’ve only listed one dog. We suggest that you list multiple dogs to increase your chances of a successful match.

The Adoption Process

Step 1 – Submit Application

Fill out the application form by clicking on the “Adopt” button on the dog’s web site profile. The application may seem long but the questions are designed to help us determine the suitability of placing a rescue in your home. As a result, we recommend you take time to fill out each question fully and thoughtfully.

If questions are left blank/incomplete or unsuitable, your application will be put on hold until we can work out any issues on the Adoption Form. You will be contacted by email indicating there is an issue with your application and we will work with you to see if those issues can be resolved before moving on to the next step.

Step 2 – Phone Interview

One of our volunteers will conducted a phone interview with you at a time that is mutually convenient for both of you. Our volunteers will generally be in contact with you approximately three to five days after you submit your application. The purpose of the phone interview is to discuss answers on your application and ask any clarifying questions. We want to hear about your past dog experience, your lifestyle and what you are looking for in a dog. The average call takes about 15 minutes and will mostly be about you, not the dog you are applying for. Most of our volunteers are adopters themselves so the Phone Interview is also a great opportunity for you to chat about their adoption experience too! Upon completion, the volunteer will report back to the Adoption Team who will determine if your application qualifies to go to the next step.

Step 3 – Home Check

After the phone Interview is complete and the notes have been approved, we will contact you (generally within three to five days) with to setup a time to do a Home Check. Home checks can be done in person or through zoom/chat. The purpose of the Home Check is to ensure that your home is ready to accept a dog. Our dogs don’t care if the dishes are done or if the laundry is folded and neither do we! Rather, we will be looking for things like possible escape areas and any potential safety hazards. If we see any areas of concern, we will discuss these with you so that adjustments or changes can be made prior to the dog’s arrival.

Upon completion, a Volunteer will provide a report to our Adoption Team who will determine if your application qualifies to continue to the next step.

Step 4 – The Approval Email

Assuming you have met all the requirements and it seems likely that an adoption would be successful, you should hear good news from our Adoption Team that your application has been approved! Approval notification is done via email within approximately three to five days of completing your home check. At the same time, you will be notified whether a match has been made with any of the dog(s) you applied for OR if we feel that you would be better suited for a different dog. Should that be the case, we will do our best to offer alternative suggestions whenever possible.


If you have applied for a dog that is being fostered locally, once you have received the approval email, we will connect you directly with the foster family so that you can arrange to meet the dog. The meeting is typically done at a mutually agreed upon location. It is possible that either you or the foster may request that additional meeting(s) take place before a final decision is made. Before taking the dog home you will be asked to complete and sign the adoption contract and send us the adoption fee by e-transfer. 

Step 5 – Deposit

Once you have been approved for adoption of an overseas dog, you will be asked to send a $100 CDN refundable deposit. Note that this deposit is only refundable if your adoption falls through prior to the dog being booked on a flight to Vancouver International Airport (YVR) or Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA). The deposit is NOT refundable if you decide to cancel the adoption after a Flight Volunteer has already been found. Flight Volunteers are extremely valuable and a lot of work goes into finding a willing passenger and booking the dog onto his or her ticket. This means it is extremely important that you let us know right away if your adoption plans change.

Step 6 – Flight Wait List

Once the dog has been secured with your deposit, he or she goes onto a flight wait list. The shelter then works to find a traveler who is willing to add the dog & crate as ‘extra luggage’ onto their ticket. (There is no cost to the Flight Volunteer to do this as the shelter covers all extra expenses.) Once a Flight Volunteer has been found, the dog is checked by a veterinarian who will ensure that the dog is healthy enough for the flight and all are up to date. The vet will then approve the dog for flight and provide all medical documentation including their vaccination record.

Step 7 – Flight Booked

Once the dog’s flight has been booked you will receive an email with their flight information as well as specific instructions regarding where you need to park when you get to the airport, the time you need to be there and what you need to bring with you (See below 9. Airport Pickup for more details).

At this stage, you will receive an Invoice with a detailed breakdown of the adoption fee including deposit ($100) plus applicable taxes. 

Rescuers in the Middle East are experiencing a dramatic increase in the cost of crates as they have become very difficult to acquire and can cost rescuers as much as $650 affecting their ability to rescue dogs. If you are requesting a dog from the Middle East, any donation towards the purchase of a crate is greatly appreciated. The crate that comes with your dog will be barely used. If you don’t want to keep it, we recommend you sell it and donate a portion back to LALDR. Please note, this is simply a suggestion and not a mandatory requirement.

Step 8 Adoption Fee

Once your dog is booked on a flight, the balance of Adoption Fee becomes due. We accept PayPal or e-Transfer to The SIGNED Adoption Agreement also needs to be returned to us at

After submitting both the remaining Adoption Fee and Adoption Agreement, the adoption is considered to be final, save and accept for the trial period.

NOTE: The Adoption Fee (including deposit) is fully refundable if you determine within 21 days of your dog’s arrival (the “Trial Period“) it is not a good fit for your family. It is also possible to request an extension (“Extension Period“) on the Trial Period if you require more time with your dog. However, please notify us ahead of time if you feel this will be necessary. In the unlikely event you find your dog is not a good fit within the Trial Period (or Extension Period), the adoption fee will be refunded to you in full. We will then try to find a foster home for your dog or, if a foster home cannot be found, we may ask you to keep the dog until an new adoptive home is found

STEP 9 Airport Pickup

The wait is over and your dog is finally here! YAY! All of your dog’s paperwork including vaccination records will be handed to you at the airport. Please bring the following with you to pick up your dog: a Martingale collar, 4-6’ (non-retractable) leash, poop bags, food, water, towels and blankets and/or pee pads in case of a soiling accident.  

CONGRATULATIONS! You are now on your way home with your newest family member!

NOTE: You must be 21 or older to pickup the dog when it arrives at YVR or SEA. LALDR adoption fees do not include certain airport-related costs. If your dog is flying into YVR, you can expect to pay a Agricultural Inspection Fee of $31.50 CAD for Canadian Customs to release your dog and possibly a Porter Fee of $20 CAD. If your dog is flying into SEA, similar fees may apply. Please bring cash to the airport for these costs.  

Important Adoption Information