Welcoming a rescue dog into your family can be an extremely rewarding experience. It is wonderful that you are reading this and considering adopting.

Loved at Last does not have a physical shelter. All our rescue dogs are either currently in the care of a local foster home or, if they are still waiting for a flight companion to transport to Vancouver, they are in a shelter or foster home overseas. The majority are still overseas. These types of adoptions are considered “international adoptions”.

Our international adoption program offers a safety net for those willing to apply to adopt a dog they have not met. Many first time meetings happen at the Vancouver Airport and most often, it’s love at first sight. LALDR relies on our local contacts at the origin to provide us with as detailed a description of the dog as possible and we do our best to match up applicants with a dog that we think will suit their lifestyle.

The Adoption Process


  • Apply to adopt an LALDR dog. Click the adopt button on the dog’s profile. Please note that you must be 21 years of age or older to submit an application. 
  • It can take 3 to 5 days for the adoption team to process the application and contact you.
  • Be as clear as you can when answering the questions, please give more than one word answers.


  • Receive a phone call from a volunteer to discuss your responses
    • The purpose of the phone interview is to discuss the answers on the application and to ask any clarifying questions. We are looking to determine the suitability of the dog that you have applied for. We want to hear about your past experience, your activities and what you are looking for in a dog. This call can last anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 minutes. The discussion is mostly about you, not the dog you are applying for. The volunteer will report back to the adoption team who will determine if the application can go through.
  • At any time, please email us at [email protected]if you have any questions about the process. All the information we have about the dogs are included in the profiles.
  • A decision will be made within a few days.


  • Receive a phone call or email from a volunteer to arrange a time to meet with you and everyone in the household for the home visit.  We want to make sure that the home is ready and safe to accept a dog. The dogs won’t care if the dishes are done or the laundry is folder and neither do we. A lived in home is a well-loved home. The transition into their new home can be scary for a dog. So our volunteers are trained to look for potential escape areas or hazards and to discuss this with the potential adopter so that changes can be made to prepare everyone for the dog’s arrival. Most of our volunteers are also adopters so it’s also a great opportunity for you to ask more questions. At no time during this stage is a dog guaranteed.
  • A final decision can take 1-2 days. Reports are sent to the Adoption team for approval.

Finalizing the Adoption - Local Dogs

Any approval will be made via email and will never be done verbally. Local adoptions are required to pay the full adoption fee at the time of bringing the dog home.


Once you have received the approval letter, we will connect you with the foster family so that you can arrange for a meeting.

If the dog is being fostered locally, this is typically done at their foster home or at a mutually agreed upon location. A dog in foster care can be met a few times by an approved adopter before a decision is made whether or not to adopt them. This means that local dogs must have their adoption finalized and fees paid prior to being brought home. You are encouraged to take the dog to the vet for a checkup within 14 days.

If you are from out of town, you will be required to drive to meet the dog. Since it will be more challenging to meet the dog more than once, we suggest a 30 minute meeting with the dog and foster family.

Finalizing the Adoption - International Dogs
(Foster to adopt)


    • Any approval will be made via email and will never be done verbally.
    • International adoptions are required to pay a $100 deposit.
    • Dogs that have been approved to an adopter and are waiting for a flight companion are identified on the website as “pending”.

International dogs cannot be met prior to their arrival and we normally only fly the dog over once we have found a home that has been approved to adopt.

Once approved, the adopter is asked to provide a $100 refundable deposit, more details can be found on our Adoption Fees page. Then a flight/companion will be found to escort your dog to Vancouver, BC or Seattle, WA. Wait times are around 6-8 weeks depending on the country.


On the day of arrival, the adopter will sign an adoption agreement and provide a two week post-dated cheque (or e-transfer) for the adoption fee. The cheque will not be cashed until the applicant decides to adopt the dog or the 2 week foster period is over. If the match is good, the adoption is finalized. If the adoption is not a good match, the cheque will be destroyed and a photo of the destroyed cheque will be provided. The adopter agrees to foster the dog until a new home has been found. We do not have a shelter, so it is important that the adopter understand they become a temporary foster home.

When a flight has been found, the itinerary is sent to the adopter and the adopters must come to the airport to meet the dog. Canada Customs requires that dogs be claimed by their adopters at the airport. It is an easy process and simply involves the adopter paying an inspection fee of $31.50.

If you are not able to meet the dog at the airport, you need to make arrangements for a friend to meet the dog for you. We have a limited number of foster homes and so are not able to provide foster homes for dogs that have been approved to adopters. It is your responsibility to make alternate arrangements if you will not be able to take your dog as scheduled. We are normally able to provide 5 – 7 days advance notice of when your dog will be arriving.

We encourage all adopters to take their dog to the vet for a checkup within 14 days of adoption. We have free checkup certificates available with VCA vets, if you didn’t get one emailed to you please make sure to ask for it. Discuss any concerns with LALDR before finalizing the adoption. We will disclose any known pre-existing condition. Dental is not considered pre-existing and often makes the dog appear older because of their previous environment and poor diet. Communication with us is extremely important during this time.


Make sure that you keep in contact with LALDR and advice of any concerns during the 14 day trial. After 14 days, the adoption will be finalized and the remaining adoption fee will be collected either via the postdated cheque or collecting the e-transfer. .

During this 2 week trial period, communication with LALDR is extremely important. We want to make sure that everyone is happy. If you have any reservations or require any extra assistance please never hesitate to contact us. It is your responsibility to contact us if there are any concerns. At any time, under any circumstance, we will always accept a LALDR dog back.

The adoption applications can be found on the “meet the dogs” page in the profile of the dog that you are wanting to adopt. If you aren’t sure which dog you want to apply for, use the dog named “Potentially yours”.