Happy Tails

We’ve rounded up some recent Loved at Last adoption stories that are sure to make you smile ear to ear.

If you’re not convinced to visit our adoption page after reading our amazing stories, watch this video:

Congratulations on your furever home,


“Canela has been “home” now for 8 weeks!!  And she’s settling in pretty well.  She loves car rides, walks and going to daycare for playtime!  She’s very happy and wants to meet every dog she sees when we are walking!!  And she loves to meet people too!  

We are working on basic commands, “come” and “down” seem to be a bit more challenging!!  

She is very food motivated so that helps with training !!!

She’s very quiet and have not heard her bark yet!  Loves her bed and loves to sleep when she’s not at daycare or out walking…complete with snoring!  So cute!!”

*Canela update received May 2021

What a cutie pie,


“We’ve had Pecan for just over 3 weeks now and have a good stockpile of pictures and stories to tell! Pecan has been just wonderful. We’re amazed at how emotionally sensitive she is. It’s made her an incredibly fast learner! I was expecting her to feel out of place and wary for the first week at least but that wasn’t the case. She decided to sleep in my bed from the first night and likes to cuddle up as closely as possible. As of writing, we’re snuggled up on the couch together!

She’s super curious about everything now. Her puppy side is definitely showing more each day. She just likes to watch her surroundings though and when she gets excited, she ends up just sitting herself down nicely and surveying her environment. Lots of new friends being made too! Pecan’s befriended a couple other dogs in the building and neighbourhood. There’s an older mute gentleman who we see often on our walks and he especially adores her. Maxiene was very well loved by other folks in the apartment building so it’s been especially hard when they ask where she is, but Pecan’s doing a wonderful job at continuing Maxiene’s legacy of bringing joy to every interaction.”

*Pecan update received March 2021

Look at those sweets eyes on


“Aww our sweet little Poppy is doing so good. Cuddles on the couch with dad, hanging in her crate with her stuffies are her favourite.  She lovessss to do all the tricks with mom. She pretty much mastered them all; play dead, spin, shake a paw, stay, down, leave it, back up. Such a smart cookie.   She has a furless cousin (jeremys word not mine) that she loves to play with and lots of furry friends! She is a lot bigger now but still zoomie and flop around like she always has.”

*Poppy update received April 2021

What a precious pup you are,


“He’s a whole 27 pounds now, and can shake paw, roll over, wait, and touch!  He is so loved here, and could not be more spoiled. For sure is one sleepy pup. He just started some puppy classes and he was an immediate favourite!”

*Charlie update received March 2021

Well hey there,


“Nacho is doing great.  He’s such an amazing dog.  He’s adjusted very well and much quicker than expected.  He’s so great with my kids and loves cuddles and belly rubs.  Loves his walks and absolutely loves the dog parks.  His favourite things is being chased.  He’ll steal another dogs ball or another stick and then run and have 3-4 dogs chase him, or even just taunt them to chase him in general.  He’s usually the quickest in the park.  I haven’t seen many dogs be able to keep up to him in terms of speed.  He sleeps on my bed every night and stays pretty close throughout the day so I’m working on keeping any separation anxiety at bay.  Overall I couldn’t be more pleased with him and it’s great to be able to share his rescue story and the work you guys are doing with anyone asking about him.  I love this fella, even when he steals my food from the counter or chews my books or slippers or pees on my carpet (all things he’s learned very quickly to stop)!”

*Nacho update received April 2021

We’re so happy for you,


“Maja (before known as Ally) has adjusted very well. She hasn’t had any accidents inside the house and is doing very well in her kennel for those rare, brief occasions that no ones at home. She is showing her true personality more and more, she is especially interested in the kitchen. She’s gotten over her discomfort of going outside—now she tries to go out into our backyard every chance she gets. She is continuing to eat well, drinks a healthy amount of water as well. She has also become a lot more interested in dog toys (took about a week for her to figure them out  ). Now she can’t stop playing with them, she loves the squeaky toys, so in the middle of some nights you can hear her squeaking away.”

*Maya update received March 2021

Say hello to


“Meeting Jeremy was absolutely love at first sight. He licked my face when I opened the crate, and he’s been right at home ever since! He is adjusting so much faster than I could’ve imagined. He loves car rides and going to the dog beach down the road, we have to stop and say hi to every person and dog we see 🙂 He gets along great with our cat Peaches, I often catch them snuggling or enjoying a nap in the sun together. Sometimes I drop him off for playdates with his border collie cousin Kirby, they are best friends and run around for hours. We’ve learned he doesn’t overly like the cold, but absolutely loves playing in the snow 🙂 He’s extremely loyal and is always by my side, but he’s also getting better at spending time on his own. He has a hilarious personality and it’s already hard to imagine what life was like before he was around. Forever grateful that we found each other 🙂 Thank you again for everything.”

*Jeremy update received March 2021

Welcome home,


“ChiChi (Nafas) is doing great! More of her personality comes out every day and she is just the sweetest silliest cuddliest girl. She loves going for her walks and gets so excited that wrangling the leash onto her is kind of difficult! Treats and naps are also very very good. Wherever I go in the house she’s never far behind, always at a distance just making sure I’m not going anywhere. I don’t think she’s had much training from what I know about her but you honestly can’t tell! She has very good manners (and seems to be housetrained!) and loves having new people to lean on. Everyone she meets notices how sweet and pretty she is. Her love of people really shows how well she was loved in her rescue before, and I feel so grateful and honoured that I get to be a part of her journey.”

*ChiChi update received March 2021

Hey there,


“First pic – Teddy in Iran, banished to a rocky backyard after being paralyzed when he was hit on the back with a garden spade.
He has had acupuncture and water therapy to strengthen his muscles.

Teddy recovered enough to be able to walk and run without his wheelchair. He is now the happiest dog & gets along with absolutely everyone and is always ready to lend a ‘hand’ or paw!- a good thing as Mum is a foster for LALDR!

Teddy is our amazing boy! A wonderful ambassador for special needs pups (he’s also part-blind in one eye), always full of mischief, and absolutely irrepressible. We are so lucky to have him!”

*Teddy update received February 2021

What a lucky boy you are,


“Our boy Seamus has been with us since Sept. 2018, he’s such a loving and goofy boy! He came from Iran where he was found wandering the streets, we aren’t sure how long he was in the streets before he was rescued but I’m guessing not too long as he is one of the lucky ones, he still has all his limbs, tail and fabulous ears. He does have battle wounds but thankfully not from people. He has scars from being bitten by dogs who wanted to fight, Seamus would cower in a corner to get away from them but would engage in fun loving play with those who loved to play too. Apparently the previous owner wanted a guard dog but all he wanted to do was give kisses so he was kicked out. Their loss is my gain though. He still loves to give kisses but he’s actually quite the guard dog, he’s very territorial of the house and his yard. Not something we needed and it’s a continuous issue we work on, of course now with the pandemic we haven’t been able to have people over to work on it but we do what we can. He’s still a bit leash reactive to certain dogs in the neighbourhood, again, a territorial thing we think as he just loves, loves other dogs when at the dog park! He can’t wait to run up and play or chase, he has so many dog friends! With people, it takes awhile to warm up to them, once he knows them and feels he can trust them he loves them. All things we continue to work on, baby steps, they can take a really long time for some dogs but it’s so worth it. He gives us such unconditional love and in return he is loved to the moon and back. Life would be so empty without him, oh what dogs do for the human spirit.”

*Seamus update received January 2021

Welcome to your home,


“Yojung with her best buddy. She’s doing so well, she makes us smile every day.”

*Yojung update received January 2021

Happy birthday,


“Bucky turned two years old this weekend. Clearly he’s not spoiled at all!”

*Bucky update received January 2021

We’re so happy you’re here,


“After the longest 11 months of my life Shabdiz has arrived home in Vancouver. It took so many amazing people to make this happen, seeing people all around the globe coming together to rescue animals restores my faith in humanity. She’s amazing! We couldn’t be happier. You can see her progress on our new Youtube channel!”

*Shabdiz update received January 2021

Pleased to meet you,


“Just 3 months since picking Ami up at yvr. She was so scared. This past month has been so settling for her. We love her, and are so proud of her. A shout out for all the support from love at last dog rescue volunteer.”

*Ami update received January 2021

Welcome to your home,


“After picking Nafas up from the airport two days ago, I’d say she’s settling in nicely! Thank you so much to everyone who helped make this possible

*Nafas update received January 2021

Hey there,


“It’s surprising how fast time goes! Happy 4th birthday to my precious Emmy girl. I love everything about her and love it when she smiles after having so much fun rolling in puddles.”

*Update received December 2020

Hey there,


“We decided, with all the changes that Sangji experienced over such a short amount of time, that we would keep his name the same. So, he is our Sangji Boy! (sounds like Angie, with an S). He has integrated so well that it’s hard to believe he’s only been with us a few weeks! It feels as though he has always been a part of the family! He is doing weekly  physiotherapy with Jenn at the Spaw in Aldergrove, has had 2 play dates with Julie & Roo at the dog park, and will be having another checkup with Dr.Susan regarding his brace in the next week or so. The wound on his front leg was just not clearing up, so he is now on antibiotics and being seen by our vet every 2 days to have it looked at and the gauze changed until it fully heals. 

Sangji is such a wonderful, lovable, silly boy who has us in constant stitches! He adores our 4 kiddos and leaps for joy when they come in the door after school. He is playful but respectful of our cat, Bobby who reciprocates his affection. 

We truly feel beyond blessed to have had Sangji join our family, and make it complete. We know our sweet Fry-Guy who passed away this summer, is smiling down from the other side of the rainbow bridge, knowing that he will never be replaced, has made room for another pup to experience a lifetime of love in his absence. 

Thank you for all the amazing work you do with rescues. We commend your hearts and efforts and are grateful that we are able to play even a small role in the experience.”

*Sangi update received January 2021

Here comes


“Beauty day for a walk in Kamloops with my boy Sohrab. 2.5 years with us. He really likes going up on a hill and looking over the city. Makes me wonder if that’s what he did back in Iran”

*Sohrab update received December 2020

Here’s looking at you,


“We’ve had our new dog Stevie for one month today, and celebrated by taking her for her first hike in Canada – she loved it! We’ve named her Stevie as she has some nicks out of her left ear from a past bite – and felt Stevie (Nicks) was very fitting.”

*Stevie update received December 2020

Happy Birthday,


“Felix is 2 years old! We could not be more grateful for having him in our lives!”

*Update received November 2020

Say hello to


Nacho is ready for another holiday with his furever family!

*Nacho update received November 2020

Look at handsome


“Bowie working his magic to get the coach. Win!”

*Bowie update received September 2020

Hey there,


“We picked Maple (previously April) up from the airport on September 6th, and it was an immediate foster fail. She has come so far in the last 2 months and we love her so much.”

*Maple update received December 2020

Here’s looking at you,


“A year ago my Bo arrived to us from Kuwait after a 48+ journey…he was shell shocked but so sweet. He is our Godsend…the most kind, loving and joyful dog you could ever ask for… Thank you Loved at Last Dog rescue! ???”

*Bo update received April 2020

What a darling,


“Rita and her dad hurtling down the trail on two legs each, doing tricks on a hiking break.”

*Rita update received November 2020

Say hi to this fella,


“Fenn loves to ham it up for the camera…not as much as she loves ham though ?”

*Fenn update received May 2020

Well hey there,


“It has been 8 months since we met Lola (then Lovina) at YVR… needless to say, she is the sweetest, most gentle girl… she even lets her cat brother, Loki, sleep in her good bed while she settled for the less fancy bed whenever he’s in it! She is well known in our neighborhood as the dog who can change her play style based on the comfort of which ever dog she’s playing with! Many owners constantly tell me how Lola is the only dog their dog ever will play with!”

*Lola update received May 2020