Owning a Rescue Dog

Cost of Dog Ownership

Adopting a rescue dog can bring you an infinite amount of joy. You’re saving a dog’s life and in return that dog will love you unconditionally! However, besides adoption fees, there are financial costs that come with having a furry friend. The following are some of the estimated expenses associated with dog ownership.  These are only guesstimates and LALDR cannot be held responsible if costs differ in your area. 

Cost Breakdown (Essentials)

DescriptionApproximate Expense (CAD)
Adoption Fee$400-$800
Collar, Leash, Toys, bedding & Bowls (depending on Size and Breed)$100
Good quality kibble, treats & chews$80 – $150
City License before Feb 1 (spayed or neutered) $31
Annual veterinary checkups (recommended)$100-$300
Flea, Heartworm and Tickworm medicine (heartworm testing is $45)$80
Dental Cleaning (if required)$500 – $1000
Grooming (if required)$80
Pet Insurance$50/mo
  Unexpected Costs 
Unexpected Trip to Emergency$400-$1000
Plane ticket for your dog $250 (for a domestic flight) as well as a travel crate ranging from $70 – $170.$250
Travel Crate$70-$200