Bringing Your New Dog Home


Congratulations on adopting your new LALDR rescue! It is our hope that your dog settles in well and over the coming days (weeks) and becomes a well-loved member of your family. To help ensure your adoption is a success, we’ve highlighted some key training points below.

Your new dog has just landed from another country and so there will be an adjustment period for both you and your dog. Once you arrive home, remember not to let go of the leash until you are safely inside the house with all doors closed! Keep in mind that everything will be new – sights, sounds, smells, everything! Regardless of your dog’s personality, it will take some time to for him/her to adjust.

We recommend you take your dog for a walk soon after arriving home. This will kickstart the bond between you and your dog. If your dog is showing any signs of fear or anxiety, we recommend leaving your dog on leash for the first few hours/days in the home. This will give you control of your dog while he adjusts to his new surroundings.

To assist you further, we have also proudly teamed up with GoodPup! GoodPup’s mission is to help every dog and dog parent live their best lives together through online training that is effective, affordable, and rewarding. Contact us to get one week free and then 20% off for life, as a supporter of Loved at Last Dog Rescue.


Allow your dog to settle in before adding any new changes. Some dogs settle in right away whereas others can take several days or weeks.


A calm, confident approach is best with all dogs but especially your new LALDR dog! If your dog is showing any signs of fear and/or anxiety (ie tail between legs, skittish movements, nervousness, etc.) use a balanced approach of guidance and affection (try not to overdo the affection). Do not reward or reinforce nervous behavior. Check your energy frequently – take a deep breath, stay calm and relaxed. This is a crucial time when your dog needs guidance and reassurance and he/she will be looking to you for both. If you are anxious, your dog will be anxious. If you are calm and relaxed, your dog will be calm and relaxed.


Please let us know right away if you require any assistance or are having any reservations about your LALDR adoption. It is your responsibility to contact us if you have any concerns. After 14 days, we will assume you have decided to keep your dog and the balance of your adoption fee will be processed.

If you feel there is no possibility of the adoption working out, please contact us immediately – we will need to find another home for the dog.


In your adoption package you will receive an Adoption Certificate that entitles you to a free vet checkup within 21 days of adoption.


Once the adoption is finalized, we will email you with instructions on how to register your dog’s microchip. The chip number is included in your adoption papers. Once a dog is entered into the microchip registry with your name and contact information, if your dog is ever lost or stolen, you will be notified.


If you are on Facebook, make sure to join our Adopter’s Group. You can share your experience with us and connect with others about their experience. You will also be able to ask questions and receive support from our Volunteers and Adopters alike. Please also share our LALDR website with friends and family to help us find homes for more abandoned dogs.


Please keep us updated as to how things are going! Send pictures! Write stories! We share your updates with the many Volunteers at the shelter where your dog originated from. It is so rewarding for our hard-working Volunteers to see one of their rescued dogs now safe and sound in a new loving home!