Loved at Last Dog Rescue is in need of traveling companions to assist us in escorting dogs from a variety of countries to Vancouver, BC.‎ We escort dogs from the Middle East, Bahrain, Mexico (parts of), Nicaragua, India, Singapore, and other countries (just let us know where you are travelling).

We work closely with local rescues to ensure that the dogs applying to come to Canada are healthy, vaccinated and authorized to be transported. Once in Canada, the dogs become the responsibility of LALDR until an adoptive home is found. We will not transport any animal without an approved adoptive or foster home available.

As a flight companion all you need to do is let us know your itinerary. The local rescuer will take care of all paperwork and fees. They will meet you at the airport for check in, and we will meet you at the airport when you arrive. You will need to arrive earlier for your flight and customs will take a little longer once you’ve landed in Vancouver. 

If you are interested and able to escort a rescue dog  with you during your next international flight to Vancouver, please contact us at [email protected] with your flight itinerary.

Up to three dogs can be brought  back per passenger and they are handled as oversize luggage. Porters are used at both departure and arrival airports so there is no handling necessary by the escorting passenger.  Advance notice is appreciated so that we can ensure everything is set up.

Flight Companion FAQ's

What does an escorting passenger need to do?

Not much. Meet the volunteer bringing the dog(s) prior to the flight. They will give you the necessary paperwork. Check the dog(s) in as extra baggage. We will cover the extra luggage charge. Meet the dog(s) at the oversize baggage area with a porter in Vancouver and bring the dog(s) to the agricultural desk for inspection. Once you are cleared through customs we will be waiting for you in the arrivals area. Please include a copy of your E-Ticket, phone number, and your full name as written exactly on your passport.

What to expect?

Expect to spend a little extra time when departing – dogs usually need to be at the airport about an hour earlier than regular flyers and some extra time upon arrival to clear the dogs through customs. Loved At Last will have completed the customs declaration form.

Don’t forget!

Don’t forget to check yes that you are “bringing in meats, animals, animal/wildlife products” on the customs card. Most importantly, don’t forget to pick up the dog(s) from the oversize luggage area.‎

What happens if there is an interruption in my flight?

You will be provided with the contact phone number for a representative of Loved at Last and anyone meeting you at the airport. They will be waiting for a call once you’ve landed (or at any time during your travel) and will meet you right outside the international arrivals area at YVR airport.

If you are flying from Tehran, Iran to Vancouver (or any connecting city) please let us know!