Please note that most of our dogs are overseas. 
We rely on flight volunteers to escort the dogs to Canada. Over the past 3 months, travel restrictions associated with COVID-19 have left us unable to bring dogs here. Consequently, there is now a wait list of adopted dogs in need of flights.
To avoid creating longer wait lists for our adopters, we are limiting the number of new dogs we make available at this time.
We will post new dogs as our international rescue partners find flights for those that are adopted. 
Please keep an eye on our site over the next few months as adopted dogs begin to arrive and new ones are made available.


Take this quick quiz to help figure out which dog is your best match. Matching is provided to us by PADogRescue.

The breed assigned to a dog is an educated guess and we do not guarantee that any dog is actually a specific breed or mix from a breed.

Loved at Last Dog Rescue is thrilled that you want to change the life of a rescue dog. There are often many people wanting to adopt the same dog. Applicants must meet the adoption criteria set out by the board of directors, make sure to read about our adopting process before submitting an application.

LOCAL – means that the dog is in foster in BC or Washington State.

PENDING – means an application has been approved for the dog and we are waiting for the dog to fly here for adoption. If applications are still being accepted, you would be on a waitlist and encouraged to consider other dogs.

Families with young children (around 8-12 years) need to look for dogs that have been identified as being good with kids. If we are not sure of how the dog will react, for the safety of your family and the dog, we will not process the application and usually, it will automatically not be approved. Read the profiles carefully, and understand that if an application is not approved and kids are in the home, it is because we do not have sufficient evidence to be confident that the dogs will be comfortable around the children. This applies to all our dogs, even puppies. With very few exceptions, it is our policy not to adopt any dog into a home with children younger than 12.

NOTICE: New policy in effect for international dog adoptions.

A $100 Canadian deposit of the adoption fee is required from all approved adopters for overseas dogs. This deposit is refundable if your adoption falls through prior to the dog being booked on their flight to come to Vancouver (or Seattle). The only time the deposit is not fully refundable is if you decide to cancel the adoption and a flight companion has already been found. This means it is extremely important that if your plans change you need to let us know right away.

The deposit will be deducted from the adoption fee posted in the dog’s profile.

Upon arrival, the balance of the adoption fee is due as per our foster to adopt program. This is explained in detail on our website. The international foster to adopt program is followed once a dog arrives and in your care. If you decide that it is not a good fit within the 14 day trial period, the entire amount will be refunded to you if the adoption turns into a foster.

As our dogs often have multiple applications that are being processed at the same time, we encourage applicants to frequently check their desired dog’s profile on our website to determine if the dog has found a home. This will be indicated by their status having changed to ‘adoption pending’.


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