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 PLEASE NOTE: There is no expectation for the adopter to pay any more than the adoption fee itself. We simply provide these as options in case an adopter wishes to receive their dog sooner, rather than wait for a flight volunteer coming to Vancouver. If you choose one of these options, LALDR will be as transparent as possible with you regarding the costs and will ask for your approval before any travel arrangements are made.

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Welcoming a rescue dog into your family can be an extremely rewarding experience! To be able to provide kindness, comfort and safety is an incredible gift. Many of our dogs are literally rescued right off the streets and have never known what it’s like to be in a loving home.

Virtually all of our dogs are living overseas either in crowded shelters or, for a lucky few, in foster homes. Since our adopters are not able to meet a dog prior to taking them home, we provide as much information as possible in the dog’s biography and ask that you carefully read the bio before applying.

Please ONLY apply for dogs where there seems to be a good fit. If the bio suggests the dog would do best in a home with another dog, please don’t apply if you don’t have another dog! If the bio suggests the dog needs a fenced yard, please don’t apply if you live in an apartment! The bio information has been added by people who have spent time with the dog so please read their comments and take their suggestions to heart. We want the adoption to be a success and your dog to be happy.

Please note that each of our dogs receives numerous applications so if you are interested in more than one dog, please list them all. Being open to more than one dog will help increase your chances of being successfully matched. ?


Please read each biography carefully before applying and ONLY apply if you think you are a good match!

LOCAL – Means that the dog is currently living in a foster home in BC or Washington.

PENDING – Means an adopter has been approved but the dog has not yet arrived (so the dog is basically unavailable as the application is just pending finalization).

BREEDS – Are an educated guess only! Most of our dogs are mixed breed street dogs and very difficult to accurately identify.

SIZEA message from medium and large size dogs” – Hi to all you small dog lovers: Those of us who can’t comfortably sit in your lap (although that won’t stop us from trying) would like you to consider all the benefits of a larger sized dog. We are every bit as lovable and loving as the pint size variety and when we lick your face, we can clean the whole thing, not just a small section. Also we are typically calmer and more laid back than many of the pipsqueaks who race around and jump all over the place. We prefer to just hang out and chill. That’s why a lot of people think larger dogs are better suited to living in an apartment. We also make much better hot water bottles when we snuggle with you in bed. And who do you think will make a better deterrent to an unwanted intruder into you home — one of us with our deep, booming barks or one of the pint-sizers squeaking and yelping? There are so many benefits to adopting a larger dog. We too will love you with all our hearts and our hearts are bigger than those puny size ones found in those miniature versions of real dogs.

PERSONALITIES – Our shelter dogs as a whole are in desperate need of human affection, kindness and care. They are often happy-go-lucky and eager-to-please despite the crowded conditions they live in and the hardships they may have endured. Others however, can have a variety of issues ranging from anxiety to fear, and it is not uncommon that our dogs are fearful of men (sorry guys!) We try to provide as much info as we can on the dogs’ personality in the bio but it is often not until your dog has arrived, settled into your home, begins to trust you and relax with you that his or her personality really starts to shine. Seeing your dog develop into a relaxed, confident, happy dog is one of the great rewards of rescuing!

GOOD WITH DOGS – As a general rule, the shelters we work with are very crowded and so our dogs tend to get along well with other dogs. However, you will see exceptions in the bios such as “would do best in a home with another dog” or “prefers home without other pets”. Please don’t apply for a particular dog if your situation can’t meet the specific needs of that dog as your application will be denied.

GOOD WITH CATS – If the bio says a dog is good with cats that means that he or she has been specifically tested with cats at the shelter (or foster home) and at the time of testing, the dog showed no aggression or prey-drive towards the cat(s). However, things can always change and new environments can present new behaviours so you will still need to oversee a cautious introduction when the dog arrives and carefully monitor co-habitation until you are confident all is well.

GOOD WITH CHILDREN – If the bio says a dog is good with children that means that he or she has been specifically tested with children at the shelter and at the time of testing, the dog showed no fear or aggression towards the child. However, please keep in mind that while a dog may have been fine in that situation with that child, this does not mean that the dog will be fine with ALL children in ALL situations. Some of our dogs have been severely mistreated by humans of all ages (including children), and can be quite fearful. That fear can lead to unpredictable behavior. If you have children in your home and have any hesitations about adopting a shelter dog, we suggest you search for a local dog that you and your family can go and meet first before proceeding with adoption.

FAMILIES WITH YOUNG CHILDREN In general, LALDR will not approve an adoption to a family with children under the age of 8 years. Please note: if your application is denied for this reason, please respect our guidelines and understand that we want to keep both dogs and kids alike safe. Only specific dogs may satisfy criteria to be adopted to homes with young children. Under specific circumstances, we will consider applications with children under the age of 8 but only if we have video proof from the foster/shelter showing the dog interacting safely with a young child.

HEALTH – Any major health issues will be clearly listed in the bio and prior to coming to Canada the dog will be checked by a veterinarian in the origin country. (Note that airlines require a current vet certificate as part of the flight booking and check-in process.) If a previously unknown health problem is present upon the dog’s arrival to Canada, LALDR and the rescue of origin will generally cover reasonable cost of vet treatment on a case by case basis.  

SPAY/NEUTER – Most of our dogs will have been spayed or neutered prior to their arrival to Vancouver (unless a health condition prevents them from safely undergoing surgery.) Puppies younger than eight months that have not been spayed or neutered MUST be fixed before the age of nine months. Confirmation that this has been done is mandatory for finalizing the adoption. Note that if you are applying for a puppy, the cost of the spay or neuter is an additional expense NOT covered by Loved at Last.

VACCINATIONS – Most dogs are vaccinated for rabies, parvo, distemper and leptospirosis. Dogs from countries where kennel cough has not been a problem or the Bordetella vaccine is not readily available, such as in Iran and the Dominican Republic, do not receive it. Note that our dogs cannot travel without certification from a veterinarian and unless their shots are up to date. You will receive a copy of your dog’s vaccination records upon his/her arrival in Vancouver.

DENTAL – Most of our street dogs have never gone to the dentist and will need to have their teeth inspected and possibly cleaned upon arrival. This is an additional expense NOT covered by Loved at Last.

ADOPTION FEES – Adoption fees are listed in each bio, for more info click here

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