Lily Lou’s Aromas



Lily Lou’s Aromas is a vegan & cruelty-free, eco-friendly, sustainable, and non-toxic aroma brand. Stemmed from the genius of the CEO, Lily, who at 8 years old wanted to learn how to make wax melts as a homeschool project. Now fast forward a year later, LLA is now growing and our product lines expand the wax melt world! With every candle purchase, we also plant a tree with One Tree Planted and donate a percentage of profits each quarter to the Canadian Women’s Foundation.

Lily was also severely bullied in school and is now homeschooled full-time. She speaks out against bullying and has been seen in the media, sharing her story and forging her own path as a minipreneur.

Since birth Lily has been involved in charity work, donating, organizing gift drives and so much more. It truly runs in her blood. LLA is run by Lily, mom, Chloe, and dad, Sergio. Ellie, Lily’s little sister, adds the extra cuteness behind the scenes and for the rest of the LLA all-female team! It truly is a family-run business with love, laughter, and learning, at its core.

At LLA our aim is to help the world work together towards a better future. From sustainability, animal safety and rescue and mental health advocacy. We thank LALDR for being a part of our holiday gift box charity initiative this year and cannot wait to further our partnership