“Wanggu has made this transition incredibly easy for us. He has slept next to our bed from the very first night and recently began sleeping in bed with us this past week, which brought tears to my eyes to know that he’s that comfortable with us and totally at ease. Wanggu loves his daily walks and sprinting around the dog park at top speed. We’ve even convinced him to get into paddleboarding, even though he won’t touch the water, he sits proud and takes in the scenery of the lakes around Whistler. We feel lucky to have a dog like Wanggu in our lives, he makes us laugh everyday and we have Welcome Dog Korea and LALDR to thank for that.  

We would both like to thank both rescue organizations, Welcome Dog Korea and Loved At Last Dog Rescue for the amazing communication, service and efforts in getting these dogs to the homes they deserve. You have made this whole process as easy as it can be, we couldn’t be more happy.” Ben and Jayne

“My experience with adopting with LALDR was nothing but amazing. I started out by applying to be a foster parent to any dogs in need of temporary homes. From the time I submitted my application to when I was approved was about 3 weeks to a month approximately. All the volunteers I was in contact with were kind, communicative, and answered any questions I had. Once I decided to adopt, I submitted another application and luckily the dog I was applying for was already scheduled to come to Canada. So the timeline of my experience was probably expedited to get me and my new dog connected ASAP. The whole adoption process from submitting a new application (different than the one to foster), to being approved was 7 days. Again, all the volunteers and coordinators I spoke to and communicated with were kind, answered all of my questions and concerns, and helped me get my dog to me! I would recommend LALDR to anyone looking to foster or adopt a dog or cat!” – Madie

“My first interaction with a LALDR volunteer was a phone screening interview with a lovely lady called Andrea who lived down in Bellingham.  She was very lovely, made me feel very much at ease and not nervous at all.  She even set up the phone interview so it worked with my afternoon working shift. It was a very good first experience as I could tell Andrea’s goal wasn’t to judge but to find a forever home with people who wanted to give love to an adopted animal. We then had a video home visit with another volunteer who was also very friendly and kind and who very quickly completed our approval for our pup.

Our next contact was with Yvette who sent multiple emails and was always prompt and patient with my numerous emailed questions. There was some confusion at the beginning as to where our pup was located but after that all info was accurate and the emails had excellent advice and were sprinkled with lots of humour.
We then had several emails from Jan when the time came closer to our pup arriving. There were 4 attempts to get our pups here so Jan needed lots of patience to keep setting up the travel plans arrangements with the rescuer in Iran and the adopters when they fell through.

I now know how difficult these international adoptions have become for rescue organizations during COVID times.  I cannot praise enough the group of LALDR volunteers who worked tirelessly with us to get our boy here (including the two lovely airport greeter volunteers). All in all, it was a very positive interaction with everyone involved.” – Joanne and Lucky

“It has been a great experience meeting and speaking to all the volunteers from LALDR. From my very first conversation with a volunteer I could tell right away that they cared deeply for the dogs they are rescuing and that their goal was to find good homes for these dogs who have been through so much. They really focused on making sure potential adopters were ready for any challenges that may arise in the future. Nobody knows everything these dogs have been through so they really focus on finding people who will give it their all to help these dogs have the best lives possible. All the volunteers I have spoken to and met have been so kind, giving and helpful which has made this experience such a great one. I highly recommend anyone thinking of rescuing a dog that they consider LALDR as they are truly wonderful and dedicated people who are doing amazing work.” – Carla

“Thanks Hannah for bringing Joey (now Olly) into our lives. He has done great with all 3 kids and us. He’s extremely quiet and awesome at reading body language and cues. I didn’t think we could have lucked out better with any other dog from any other place. When I saw the dogs when they got off the bus in Surrey, I was so surprised at all the happy dogs. LALDR is incredible at being able to find such dogs that can be adopted into other homes. He bonded quickly with us and he’s now such a large part of our lives.” – Tim & family