Love Truly Has No Boundaries-Washington Volunteers

Loved at Last Dog Rescue is a B.C. based organization and we are made up of approximately 75 semi-permanent volunteers, 100 on-call volunteers and 50 foster homes. In addition to our B.C. volunteers, we are also very lucky to have some wonderful and dedicated volunteers residing in Alaska and Washington; isn’t that an amazing reach? We have a number of volunteer positions, consisting of rescue coordinators, phone interviewers, home visitors, travel coordinators, airport pickups, drivers and fosters to name a few.

Jackie, an LALDR volunteer and her smiling pups.
Jackie, an LALDR volunteer and her smiling pups.

Each year we approve approximately 400 homes for one of our overseas or local dogs. Flight Volunteers have been difficult to come by due to the worldwide travel restrictions. This has greatly impacted the amount of international rescue dogs Loved at Last Dog Rescue could bring into Canada. “During the pandemic, this has been even more important as travelers coming into Canada face more and more restrictions, so our ability to get dogs here is becoming increasingly difficult. However, our Washington based team has made it possible for our international rescuers to take advantage of flight volunteers traveling to Seattle,” shares Jackie. They have been the ticket in helping unite many rescue dogs, especially during this time with their families in B.C. and Washington, who have all been waiting patiently for their dog’s arrival.

Cheryl, is one of the few Washington volunteers who currently acts on occasion, as a second pair of hands with crucial dog transport during these new and challenging times in an effort to help rescued dogs reach their loving families at last. “I have also been involved writing dog bios and soon realized just how important writing a quality dog biography can have on helping get a wonderful dog a loving family. This work lead to volunteering as a Social Media Volunteer on LALDR’S Facebook Page, the Adopter’s Page, and the Foster Page; the chance to help develop a network of Social Media volunteers equally dedicated to improving the lives of dogs and providing support and community to adopters and volunteers alike,” says Cheryl. “I have found this experience in addition to many other roles to be a wonderful growing and learning process. I just can’t leave; it’s the dogs, the stories, the wonderful associated rescues in other countries, the wonderful adopters and volunteers all over, the incredible choices and actions of gifting, action and coordinating together, that bring dogs into safe and loving homes at Loved At Last Dog Rescue.” We are so grateful for so many volunteers who are willing to go an extra mile and to provide the service and help to get as many rescue dogs to their adoptive families-we can’t thank them enough!

Cheryl, our WA Volunteer Transporter with Kebong.

As the Canadian/US border continue to remain closed, volunteers also continue to work tirelessly to coordinate and find other options to bring dogs across the border, which has left us to use a Customs Brokerage company. “This means pre-booking and adhering to their schedule. Thankfully, we keep managing to make it work, but we could really use more help,” says Jackie. Jackie’s role is to connect the various volunteers involved in getting the dogs safely from SeaTac into the arms of their adopters in B.C. There are a number of steps to make this happen; from organizing with the rescues in Korea, getting volunteers who will meet the dogs at the airport (airport greeters), drivers who will take the dogs on to their next stop, fosters to keep the dogs overnight and finally getting the dogs to their adoptive families at the border.

We are ever so grateful to have the helping hands of our Washington volunteers, such as our airport greeters, drivers and fosters! Although we have been able to come up with solutions, we are still seeking for more Washington volunteers, such as in the Seattle area. “We would love to find a few more people who might be willing to drive dogs from the airport to the border. We also really need to find some more foster homes in northern Washington – people who would be willing to have a dog stay for a night or two after flying in to Seattle, until we can arrange the crossing into Canada.”

If you or someone you know would love to lend a helping hand to make the dreams of our adoptive families and our rescue dogs come true, please contact: It truly takes a “whole village” to make the “impossible” possible, especially during these trying times.

We do have a few more Washington volunteers we would love to tell you more about…so please stay tuned! We are so appreciative of all the dedication and commitment our volunteers have invested into Loved at Last Dog Rescue! We hope to continue spreading awareness in adopting, to sprinkle some joy in the hearts of our adopters and most importantly, to provide a loving home to many rescue dogs.